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Lance Robison – The Lost Beach Boys Tapes

Welcome to Codependance Beach. Notice the alternate spelling. It occurred to me that as humans we have so much in common, and as individuals we’re so unique. Put any two of us together and that’s when things really start cooking. Every relationship seems to possess its own unique dance, its own fingerprint, and its own wavelength or frequency. So I thought Codependance Beach was a perfect title for this collection of songs. I’m also playing off some old Beach Boy residue that still lingers on the beach where the Surfin’ Safari album cover was shot back in 1962. This album is dedicated to my brother John.  He taught me to play guitar and one day when we were teenagers he came home with a wonderful thing. Three Beach Boy master reels… Wow! He quickly sold me half interest in them for fifteen dollars. He moved away from home that year and then somehow 40 years passed. Blink! I’ve kept the tapes near me all these years…sort of waiting for something…but not really. One day in June last year, I saw an article in the local New Times regarding a book written by Jon Stebbins titled “The Real Beach Boy” Dennis Wilson’s biography. Stebbins lived near me on the Central Coast of California. Finally I found a worm hole. Maybe now the tapes would get back to where they belonged. Two days later I was meeting Jon in a parking lot to show him the goods. He was pretty blown away and he liked the tapes too! Soon the two of us were headed to L.A. to meet up with Mark Linett, and Alan Boyd. They were representing the Beach Boys interest in the tapes. When Mark asked me what I wanted in exchange for the tapes I handed him two CD’s of my original music and told him I wanted to record a real album. Mark quickly jotted down some numbers and a budget for this project was created. From there Capitol/EMI eventually got involved and a check was issued to me on March 19 in exchange for the reels. That money was then applied to the cost of this album in its entirety. So I guess it’s safe to say Capitol/ EMI paid for this album. If you haven’t bought this CD yet please buy two copies. I still gotta pay back my brother John.

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